Another Project Space – Artist in Residency, April to June 2017

5th June 2017

Wow! That went fast. Here are a couple of images from the final body of work. What a great space and team at Another; thanks so much for the opportunity and support.



2nd May 2017

These works are using soil, found objects and plant material from the south west boundary of the site.

23rd April 2017

I am very excited to begin making again during my residency at Another Project Space, part of the Artsource studio complex in Ashfield. Another have a reputation for fostering artistic experimentation and research (more info at and Anna Dunnill’s article about Perth based ARIs at

My intention is to create work that looks at the Ashfield precinct, and will involve documenting areas within approximately a kilometer of the Another studios and would involve the collection, documentation and preservation of soils, waste, plant materials and other found fragments and materials which explore historical and current land uses. Part field scientist and part artist, I would aim to produce a series of small sculptures that embody a site through the exploration of cultural and personal histories. Through the use of site specific soils to make concrete, the physicality of a place is captured, along with all the particles, toxins, fragments and organic matter that soil contains. The inclusion of other found objects as moulds or inclusions further emphasise the dislocation around identification with place.